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DOL Opinion Letter Reinstated and Changed 80/20 Tipped Work Rule

80/20 Rule Retracted and Clearer Guidelines Reinstated The Department of Labor retracted the 80/20 Rule and established new guidelines. This change considerably reduced the existing confusion regarding tipped credits for tipped employees. The 80/20 Rule, which began in 2009, prohibited … Continue reading

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Off-the-clock Claims Are Subject to Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Author: Hans & Associates, P.C. Off-the-clock claims are one source of wage and hour lawsuits. In an off-the-clock claim, employees assert that the employer forced them to spend time working off the time clock and they did not receive pay … Continue reading

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FSLA Challenges–How Does Overtime Work with a Fluctuating Work Week?

Author: Hans & Associates, P.C. In recent years, the changes and complexities of wage and hour laws have made it difficult for small businesses to comply with regulations. Yet, with wage and hour lawsuits on the rise, small businesses are … Continue reading

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What Does the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Think about the Proposed Minimum Wage Raise?

Author: Stephen D. Hans In the State of the Union address, President Obama proposed that Congress should raise the federal minimum wage in stages from $7.25 to $9.00 by 2015. He also proposed continuing to raise the minimum wage based … Continue reading

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Keeping up with Regulatory Rulings that Affect the Restaurant Industry

Author: Hans & Associates, P.C. With the plethora of government regulations, restauranteurs caught up in the every day activities of running a restaurant hardly have time to stay apprised of new restaurant industry regulations. Even so, they must know about … Continue reading

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What to Do If Your Employee Complains about Sexual Harassment

Author: Stephen D. Hans There are many ways an employer can respond when an employee complains about sexual harassment.  Some ways are savvy and legal and other ways violate New York and federal laws. Sexual harassment is an unpleasant issue. … Continue reading

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Federal Government Was the Biggest USERRA Violator

The Washington Post  recently reported that the federal government was the greatest violator of Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). Labor Department Statistics obtained through Freedom of Information Act showed that in the fiscal year 2011, more than … Continue reading

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