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National Labor Relations Board finds employee’s Facebook posts not protected

Author: Stephen D. Hans & Associates A National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) administrative law judge (ALJ) surprised many when he found in favor of the employer in an unfair labor practice complaint. On October 19, 2012, an unfair labor practice … Continue reading

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District Court rules that restaurant firing was a recipe for disaster

A federal district court has ruled that Wisconsin restaurant Sparx must pay back pay and interest to a former employee who was fired in retaliation for complaining about a racist display in the workplace.  The restaurant is on the hook … Continue reading

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The Penalties for Employment Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed another suit for employment discrimination which could end up costing the employer hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The suit filed by the EEOC against Chesapeake Health System is on behalf of … Continue reading

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New laws restrict access to employee social media accounts

In 2012, state legislatures started introducing laws to restrict employers from obtaining user names and passwords to employees’ personal and private social media accounts.  As 2013 rolls forward, the trend is continuing with proposed legislation 26 states .  Twelve states … Continue reading

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What you say to an employee can cost you money

Author: Stephen D. Hans A New York jury awarded $30,000 in punitive damages and $250,000 in compensatory damage  to an employee in an employer discrimination case that centered around the use of the N-word.  Brandi Johnson, an African-American, filed a … Continue reading

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Discrimination lawsuits can cost your company millions

In February 2011 a former healthcare director at MSL, Monique da Silva Moore, filed a $100 million class action gender discrimination suit against the company.  The suit alleges that MSL and parent company Publicis: •  Paid female execs less •  … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Ruling puts limits on employer liability in harassment cases

In Vance v. Ball State University, the Supreme Court considered the definition of supervisor to determine employers’ liability for workplace harassment .  At the heart of the case was the issue of whether a supervisor was an employee with authority … Continue reading

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How the Supreme Court’s Decision on DOMA Affects Employers

On June 26th the Supreme Court ruled  that DOMA’s exclusion of state-sanctioned, same-sex marriages from the federal definition of marriage is unconstitutional in United States v. Windsor.  This decision has now changed the rules on how employers administer health and … Continue reading

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Is your sexual harassment policy effective?

In our politically correct and litigious world, employers need to establish strong and specific policies regarding sexual harassment.  Not only is this behavior against the law but if a sexual harassment case is proved it can affect your reputation, finances, … Continue reading

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