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What Potential Penalties Do Employers Face in NY Discrimination Cases?

More Potential Penalties for Employers Potential penalties for employers are likely to result from the amendments to the New York State Anti-Harassment Law. As the repercussions of the amendments become clearer to employers, more businesses will establish anti-discrimination work policies. … Continue reading

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The Penalties for Employment Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed another suit for employment discrimination which could end up costing the employer hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The suit filed by the EEOC against Chesapeake Health System is on behalf of … Continue reading

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Are contestants of reality shows, employees?

American Idol faces a discrimination lawsuit filed by 10 black former contestants who were disqualified from the show.  The plaintiffs claim they were disqualified for reasons other than singing, including criminal history, and were given the “right to sue” by … Continue reading

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Discrimination lawsuits can cost your company millions

In February 2011 a former healthcare director at MSL, Monique da Silva Moore, filed a $100 million class action gender discrimination suit against the company.  The suit alleges that MSL and parent company Publicis: •  Paid female execs less •  … Continue reading

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What you can learn from Quest about job discrimination

On May 9, 2013 New York’s Attorney General gave Quest Diagnostics, a serious slap on the hands.  The medical diagnostic company was found in violation of New York civil rights laws because it was discovered that Quest sometimes rejected applicants … Continue reading

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