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NYC Proposed Legislation for Fast Food Restaurants

Recently the New York City Council has proposed bills that could affect considerably how fast food restaurants deal with scheduling work. What is a fast food restaurant? The bills define fast food establishments as franchises that are part of a … Continue reading

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What Employers Should Know About Retaliation

Based on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)  explains that it is illegal for employers to fire, demote, or otherwise “retaliate” against employees or applicants because they filed a discrimination charge, complained to … Continue reading

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Implications of the Recent Retail Wage Increases

Recently, Wal-Mart announced its decision to raise the base wage of its employees. Wal-Mart plans to increase wages for close to 40 percent of its workforce. As of April, workers will earn at least nine dollars an hour, which is … Continue reading

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Are You an Independent or Joint Owner If You Own a Franchise Restaurant?

Author Stephen D. Hans For more than thirty years, a line was drawn that differentiated a franchiser and franchisee. The relationship between the two served each other well. Entrepreneurs looking to start a business found security in the franchiser relationship. … Continue reading

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How Do 2015 Minimum Wage Increases Affect NY Restaurants?

Minimum wage increases took effect on December 31, 2014, raising the New York minimum wage from $8.00 to $8.75 per hour for employees who work based on hourly wages. By the way, another minimum wage increase also occurs approximately a … Continue reading

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Are You Staying on Top of Regulations that Affect Your Restaurant?

A recent change in regulations predicted to arrive soon is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will release a national menu labeling standard for chain restaurants. The standard will address calorie and nutritional information required on menus and at … Continue reading

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Don’t make a target out of your company

Most people are familiar with the recent credit card fiasco that occurred with Target at the height of the Christmas retail season.  According to statements made on Target’s website, high-tech hackers installed malware (malicious software designed to harm computers and … Continue reading

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