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Wage and Hour: What Is a DOL Opinion Letter?

Can a DOL Opinion Letter Help an Employer with a Wage & Hour Dispute? A Department of Labor (DOL) opinion letter is a letter issued by the Administrator that can address fact-specific questions related to federal wage and hour laws. … Continue reading

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Employment Ad Discrimination: Where to Draw the Lines

Facebook Faces Allegations of Job Ads that Discriminate Against Women When an employer creates an ad that excludes a protected class, grounds often exist for a discrimination lawsuit. For example, when writing most employment ads, it is illegal for employers … Continue reading

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Compliance with “Cooperative Dialogue” for Accommodation Requests

What Does Cooperative Dialogue Mean Under New NYC Law? As of October 15, 2018, employers have a new law they must comply with when an employee requests an accommodation based on their civil rights. Many business owners are aware of … Continue reading

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What Is the Faragher-Ellerth Affirmative Defense?

An Affirmative Defense for Employers Affirmative defense is a legal term that offers some degree of protection for employers. We live in volatile times, an age where #MeToo is changing the legal landscape and sexual harassment claims are becoming very … Continue reading

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What Can Restaurant Owners Do to Reduce Sexual Harassment?

Guidelines for Dealing with Sexual Harassment as a Restaurant Owner Restaurant owners who allow sexual harassment to exist in the workplace put themselves at risk for complaints and lawsuits. It is wise to understand what actions you can take to … Continue reading

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Facts About Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

Why Is Sexual Harassment so Prevalent? Sexual harassment is more prevalent in the restaurant industry than any other industry. Statistics show that 90% of women and 70% of men working in the restaurant industry reported they had experienced some form … Continue reading

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Changes in New York State and NYC Sexual Harassment Laws

Sexual Harassment: Mandatory Arbitration and Nondisclosure Agreements The NY legislature passed changes in sexual harassment law that Governor Cuomo signed into law on April 17, 2018. These laws went into effect 90 days after being enacted, which means they are … Continue reading

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