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NYC Department of Transportation Sued for Racial Discrimination

This summer the NYC Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) faced a lawsuit for racial discrimination. The Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney filed a lawsuit that alleged a pattern of racial discrimination and retaliation. Details of the Racial Discrimination Violation According to the … Continue reading

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Starbucks Baristas Complain About Company’s Parental-Leave Policies

Starbucks made its company stand out from many others when it put in place a six-weeks paid parental leave policy for eligible birth mothers. Starbucks made this a nationwide policy. Indeed they did stand out as being “a different kind … Continue reading

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What Are Wage Theft Lawsuits in the Restaurant Industry?

A number of wage theft lawsuits and settlements have been occurring during the past five years. However, they haven’t received as much media attention as restaurant workers’ fight for higher minimum wages. As a restaurant owner, you should be aware … Continue reading

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How Can You Find Out What Federal Employment Laws Apply to Your Business?

Running your own business can feel overwhelming when you get a glimpse of all the laws that affect your operation. It is smart for business owners to consult with an employment attorney to ensure handbooks, contracts, non-disclosure agreements and other … Continue reading

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How Many Racist Statements Does It Take to Create a Hostile Work Environment?

If is severe enough, one racist statement can create a hostile work environment, according to the United State Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. This court hears appeals for New York, Vermont and Connecticut. As reported in The Legal … Continue reading

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Race Discrimination Lawsuit: Rosebud Restaurants Settled, Paying $1.9 Million

In a race discrimination lawsuit, the EEOC sued Rosebud Restaurants and parties settled for the amount of $1.9 million. The EEOC brought a lawsuit against Rosebud, which operates 13 Italian restaurants in Chicago and nearby suburbs.  The restaurants were not … Continue reading

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NYC Carwash Law Ruled Illegal Due to Promoting Unionization

Recently a NY federal judge ruled that the NYC Carwash law was illegal because it promoted unionization of carwashes.   In 2015, the NYC Council passed a law to regulate car wash businesses. The Council believed the law would protect … Continue reading

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