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Are You Opening a New Restaurant?

Legal Concerns for New York Restaurant Owners If you’re opening a new restaurant in New York City or the surrounding area, there are certain legal requirements you must put in place. You will need to choose a business entity and … Continue reading

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NYC Bans Polystyrene Takeout Containers and Coffee Cups

Judge Upholds the 2013 Law Banning Polystyrene for Takeout Containers and Coffee Cups In 2019 restaurants must begin phasing polystyrene cups and containers out of use. This change is a result of a ruling that came down from an appeal … Continue reading

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DOL Opinion Letter Reinstated and Changed 80/20 Tipped Work Rule

80/20 Rule Retracted and Clearer Guidelines Reinstated The Department of Labor retracted the 80/20 Rule and established new guidelines. This change considerably reduced the existing confusion regarding tipped credits for tipped employees. The 80/20 Rule, which began in 2009, prohibited … Continue reading

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Age Discrimination: ADEA Becomes More Far Reaching

The Supreme Court Rules that ADEA Applies to All Government Levels In October 2018, the Supreme Court reached a decision that made the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) cover a broad scope of state and local employment. The ADEA … Continue reading

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Wage and Hour: What Is a DOL Opinion Letter?

Can a DOL Opinion Letter Help an Employer with a Wage & Hour Dispute? A Department of Labor (DOL) opinion letter is a letter issued by the Administrator that can address fact-specific questions related to federal wage and hour laws. … Continue reading

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Employment Ad Discrimination: Where to Draw the Lines

Facebook Faces Allegations of Job Ads that Discriminate Against Women When an employer creates an ad that excludes a protected class, grounds often exist for a discrimination lawsuit. For example, when writing most employment ads, it is illegal for employers … Continue reading

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Compliance with “Cooperative Dialogue” for Accommodation Requests

What Does Cooperative Dialogue Mean Under New NYC Law? As of October 15, 2018, employers have a new law they must comply with when an employee requests an accommodation based on their civil rights. Many business owners are aware of … Continue reading

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