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Why Are Family Responsibilities Discrimination Cases on the Rise?

The Underlying Causes of FRD Lawsuits Statistics show that Family Responsibilities Discrimination (FRD) lawsuits are on the rise.  This means that courts are seeing an increase in lawsuits brought against employers by caregivers. Caregivers include single parents, pregnant women, breastfeeding … Continue reading

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Legal Problems with Employees Working Off the Clock

Why Working Off the Clock Can Be a Liability Working off the clock can be problematic for an employer. One reason is that time clocks or time sheets exist to document an employee’s work hours. When workers do not punch … Continue reading

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What Is Fissuring in the Workplace?

How Fissuring Is Changing the Work Environment Fissuring in the workplace is a relatively new term. You may have heard about fissuring, a term coined by David Weil. He and Tanya Goldman in the article “Labor Standards, the Fissured Workplace … Continue reading

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Hairstyle Discrimination in the Workplace

Are Your Company Policies Compliant with Hairstyle Discrimination Law? Hairstyle discrimination can be a form of racism in the workplace, according to NYC Human Rights Law. The NYC Human Rights Law “protects the rights of New Yorkers to maintain natural … Continue reading

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Employee Safety: Who Is Responsible?

The Pitfalls of Failing to Create a Safe Work Environment Employers are responsible for maintaining a safe work environment. Workers compensation insurance pays for accident injuries. Based on New York law, all employers with at least one employee must carry … Continue reading

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ACA (Affordable Care Act) Requirements and Expanding Businesses

Do’s and Don’ts for ACA Compliance The ACA (Affordable Care Act) requires that business owners with 50 or more employees provide their employees with healthcare benefits. To avoid this extra expense, some business owners try to keep their company under … Continue reading

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Are Cashless Restaurants Legal?

Could Going Cashless Result in Legal Problems? Going cashless is an emerging trend that business owners and restaurateurs are discussing, contemplating and testing. Some businesses have already gone cashless. What Are the Advantages of a Cashless System? According to CBS … Continue reading

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