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Flex Schedules for Businesses

Flex Schedules Can Help Employers Reduce Overtime Costs You often hear the term “flex schedule,” mentioned as a job perk, and it may well be if as a result the worker avoids peak traffic times and getting stuck in freeway … Continue reading

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Social Media: Can You Use Social Media in Hiring Decisions?

Can or Should Cyber-Vetting Be Part of the Hiring Process? Some employers are using social media in hiring and are cyber-vetting their job applicants. However, these practices are under the legal microscope as cases arise involving employment and social media. … Continue reading

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Social Media: Should You Use Social Media in an Internal Investigation?

Investigating Employees Through Their Social Media Accounts Social media can provide a lot of information about people’s lives. Why would an employer want to know what an employee is doing through social media? An employer may suspect that an employee … Continue reading

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The Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act

A New Law to Further the Prevention of Sexual Harassment in NYC Workplaces The New York City Council recently passed legislation called the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act. If Mayor Bill de Blasio signs the bill, it will go … Continue reading

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What Employers Should Know About the New York Women’s Equality Act

Clarifications for Employers for Women in the Workplace In June of 2014, the Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed amendments to the New York State Human Rights Law, which bolstered civil rights for women. It’s important for employers understand … Continue reading

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Wage and Hour Investigations: What You Should Know About Them

Facing investigation by the New York Department of Labor for alleged unpaid wages is a serious matter. How you handle the investigation can often determine the outcome, and it is wise to retain an experienced employment law defense attorney from … Continue reading

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How Broad Sweeping Can Retaliation Claims Be?

Retaliation, according to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) must consist of three elements: An employee’s participation in protected activity, which typically would be filing a discrimination or harassment complaint An adverse action that the employer or manager takes against … Continue reading

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