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How Can You Make Sure You’re Ensuring Equal Pay and Fair Promotions?

Running a business requires having legal rudiments in place for many aspects of your company. The Equal Pay Act (EPA) is another federal law you must comply with and doing so can help you avoid wage and promotion lawsuits like … Continue reading

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Sterling Jewelers Reaches Settlement with EEOC for Sex Discrimination

Sterling Jewelers is the parent company of Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and Kay Jewelers. It is the largest retail jewelry company in the United States. Recently, the EEOC brought a lawsuit against Sterling for discrimination over its pay and … Continue reading

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What Do Restaurant Operators See as Their Biggest 2017 Business Challenges

You might think that hiring and firing employees would be restaurant operators’ biggest concerns. That was true in 2015 but not according to a survey done in 2016. When The National Restaurant Association polled restaurant operators about their concerns, the … Continue reading

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NYC Proposed Legislation for Fast Food Restaurants

Recently the New York City Council has proposed bills that could affect considerably how fast food restaurants deal with scheduling work. What is a fast food restaurant? The bills define fast food establishments as franchises that are part of a … Continue reading

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Legal News in the Restaurant Industry

Some recent news in the restaurant industry is that the National Restaurant Association has taken a big step toward protecting the industry. Over the years, well-funded special interest groups have lobbied for laws and regulations that have ended up burdening … Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin Age Discrimination Lawsuit | $51.5 Million in Damages

In January 2017, a federal jury in Camden, NJ awarded a verdict of $51.5 million against Lockheed Martin for alleged age discrimination. reported that the lawsuit claimed Lockheed Martin had a practice of laying off older employees and replacing … Continue reading

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Best Business Practices When Screening Applicants with Criminal Records

When an applicant with a criminal record applies for a job at your company, the screening can become complicated. You cannot make your decision based on any type of discrimination. The EEOC provides guidelines you should consider following when asking … Continue reading

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