Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement

In recent months, media focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement and growing concerns about law enforcement practices have been on many people’s minds. Finding workable solutions to this problem is a pressing issue. Advancing diversity is one approach that seeks to bring greater justice and more effective policing to law enforcement agencies.

EEOC & Justice Department Report

Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in conjunction with the Department of Justice (DOJ) released a report that evaluated not just the barriers but also the promising practices for advancing diversity in law enforcement. The report highlighted strategies that would help small and mid-size agencies in particular to diversify their work forces.

Prior to releasing the report, the EEOC and DOJ acquired information from law enforcement leaders, officers and officials along with experts, researchers and civil rights advocates. The aim was to make policing more safe, just and effective.

Group of young people holding teamwork sign smiling

Group of young people holding teamwork sign smiling

The report took a twofold approach that:

  • Identified the barriers to effective policing
  • Reinforced actions based on real-world examples of effective implementation of smart policies in this area

Best practices that arose from the study included:

  • Ensuring community policing, procedural justice and cultural inclusivity that would guide the law enforcement agency’s organization culture
  • Engaging stakeholders from within and outside the law enforcement agency to help create a workforce that would reflect community diversity
  • Being willing to re-evaluate employment criteria and standards to ensure they would be tailored to the skills required for job functions and consistently attract, select and retain the most qualified and desirable sworn officers

Diversity in Businesses

Creating greater diversity in any business can help to overcome prejudices and incorporate anti-discrimination practices.

Stephen Hans & Associates can help you put business policies in place that protect your rights as employers and help you avoid litigation regarding discrimination and other legal issues.



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