Warning Employers: New Equality Laws Coming Down the Pike

Early in April of this year, a multitude of corruption and sexual harassment scandals erupted out of our state capital.  I applaud those bringing the offenders to justice as those who prey on others and break the law should be punished.

However, as a result of these revelations, advocates and other officials are leveraging the troubles to enact reforms and new laws before the end of the legislative session in June.

Governor Cuomo’s response to the rash of scandals was: “There’s been bad publicity.  You know how you counter bad publicity?  Good publicity…”  “You know how you get good publicity?  Do something.  Pass bills that help the people of the state of New York.”

Chief among the new bills is a favorite of the governor, the 10-point “Women’s Equality Agenda”.
How does this affect employers?
The 10-point plan covers several issues that will have a direct impact on employers, their hiring and firing practices, and their sexual harassment policies.  In brief the points are:
1.    Protect reproductive health and choice
2.    Achieve pay equity
3.    Stop sexual harassment in all workplaces
4.    Allow for attorneys’ fees in employment, lending and credit discrimination cases
5.    Strengthen human trafficking laws
6.    End family status discrimination
7.    Stop source-of-income discrimination
8.    Stop housing discrimination for victims of domestic violence
9.    Stop pregnancy discrimination once and for all
10. Protect victims of domestic violence by strengthening order-of-protection laws

In reviewing the list above you can see that several of these points will directly affect you as an employer.  Even property owners who own rental property will be affected.  So yet again, there will be more regulations, laws and rules that you will be required to comply with.
A New York employment attorney can help you stay in compliance
Scandals come and go but once something becomes law, it is usually here to stay. To learn how we can help you protect yourself and your company, contact us online  or call (718)275-6700 today to schedule an appointment.  Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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