Staying on Top of NY Wage Theft Protection Act Requirements

Author: Hans & Associates, P.C.

Keeping up to date with legal requirements can be taxing for a small or medium sized business. Yet, compliance is vital to protect your business. A knowledgeable and experienced New York employment lawyer can keep you apprised of ever-changing regulations.

The NY Wage Theft Protection Act (WTPA)  is a prime example.

The law expanded civil and criminal remedies for employers failing to comply with this new law’s provisions, which went into effect on April 9, 2011.

The new law requires that employers provide employees with notice of the details their pay rates, including the following:

Designated pay
Employer’s intent to claim allowances (i.e. tip or meal allowances) as part of the minimum wage
Basis of wage payment (by hour, day, week, shift, piece, etc.)
Employer’s Doing Business As names
Employer’s physical and mailing address    Employer’s telephone number
Any other information deemed necessary and material by the commissioner

Employers must provide this information when hiring an employee. In addition, they must notify employees annually and the annual deadline for sending out pay notices is Feb 1 of every year.

Employees’ Rights

Under WTPA, all private sector employees can bring up complaints and take private actions against violations. The law also protects them against retaliation for complaining about possible WTPA violations.

Legal guidance for your business

Most small and medium sized business owners are too busy running daily operations to stay current with changing laws and legal requirements. Establishing a client attorney relationship with an experienced employment law attorney to help oversee compliance issues and protect your interests is vital for most businesses.

Hans & Associates, P.C. is a New York Employment defense law firm  that counsels businesses and provides representation to resolve disputed issues.

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