Sexual Harassment in the News-Queens New York Employment Law Blog

Author: Hans & Associates, P.C.

As GOP candidate hopeful Herman Cain’s recent ratings dropped, presumably based on reports of sexual harassment settlements, workplace harassment came once again under the microscope of the public eye.

According to the Washington Post, a November, 2011 Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that:
 25% of men answering the survey worried about being unfairly accused of sexual harassment
 10% of men answering the survey answered they had said or done something, even inadvertently, that a female worker might have considered an unwanted sexual advance

Proactive legal precautions are the best preventative

Taking precautionary legal measures can save businesses significant time and expense tied up in sexual harassment investigation or litigation. As seen in the Herman Cain campaign, while settlements were kept quiet during the 1990s, more than a decade later, news reports have brought to view issues supposedly laid to rest. Publicity alone can be a damaging factor for business or career objectives, not to mention legal fees or settlement costs.

Litigation avoidance is the best protection small business owners have against sexual harassment. Training about what constitutes sexual harassment, implementing workplace policies that prohibit sexual harassment, and developing sound work practices for all phases of employment help businesses minimize or eradicate instances of sexual harassment. In addition, the most effective way to avoid litigious situations is to seek legal guidance from knowledgeable employment lawyers. Experienced New York harassment attorneys serving small businesses in the Bronx, Queens, and Long Island can help business owners avoid the pitfalls of sexual harassment issues.

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